Life Purpose Coaching

Life Purpose Coaching helps you focus on the life God has planned for you, reflecting on where you have come, what you have learned along the journey and how you can grow more solid in who you will be as you move forward.

Life Transition Coaching

Making life transitions become prime opportunities. Knowing the only constant in life is change, transitions can produce questions in who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing. These times in our lives also create opportunities for us to grow and learn something new about the world and ourselves. When we know our core identity, we are able to engage in these opportunities with stability and confidence.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Moving your professional dreams into a reality with individual planning and action steps. Inviting someone along in the journey to brainstorm, plan and motivate you to keep moving in the direction of your goals. Receive encouragement and support to adventure into the world of business with someone who cares about you and your vision.

Dating & Marriage Coaching

Understanding ourselves and our emotions helps us engage in healthy relationships with self-reflection, communication, maturity and humility. The more deliberate you are in understanding yourself and role, the more enjoyable the experience of getting to know someone else will become.

Introducing Kineo Life

Are you ready to move in the direction of what you are created to do?

Get Moving

Take the time to figure out who you really are, who God created you to be.

Kineo Life is a strategy coaching & consulting company helping people move forward with confidence towards their life purpose.

At times, we feel lost or stuck, uncertain and unclear as to who we are and what to do next. We are unsure how to confidently progress through times of transition and allow change to refine and renew who we are and why we are here.

In strategy coaching & consulting, we create the time and space to ask and reflect on the poignant questions that reveal your natural talents and identity. You will recognize where you are and move in the direction you want to go. Life is not for us to experience alone, nor is it meant to travel through aimlessly.

Have You Wondered: 

  • Who am I now, in this new season of life? What’s my role, my identity, my purpose?
  • How can I like myself when I don’t really know who I am?
  • How do I know where to focus my energy if I don’t have clarity for my personal wants, desires, dreams?
  • How can I move towards change and progression when I am gripped by personal fears?
  • How do I move through transitions (graduation, job changes, dating, marriage, children, empty nesting, retirement) with courage, grace, and purpose?
  • What’s my purpose and how can I use these things to enjoy my life?
  • How do I serve the Lord in my daily routine?


Jackie Shives

Hilary encourages and motivates me to take action steps with how God is guiding me. For anyone seeking to gain a more thorough awareness of their life and how they can best serve the world around them with their gifts and passions, I would encourage them to work with Kineo Life.

Jackie Shives / Jackie Shives Formation / Denver, CO

Mandy Tardif

Hilary shows me how I can actually achieve my goals and is a cheerleader to walk by my side through the process, giving me a feeling of support and confidence. Hilary is self-motivated and extremely good at planning and getting things done.

Mandy Tardif / Face and Body Painter / Lafayette, CA.

Betsy Horowitz

Hilary is a wonderful coach, mentor and support. She guided me with total compassion, very practical and grounded wisdom and suggestions and a very strong faith. She helped me become clear and specific in the things I wanted in my life.

Betsy Horowitz / Hair Stylist / Wheat Ridge, CO

Setting Lives In Motion.

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