Helping you define and
accomplish your life

You are unique in your identity. You  have inherent gifts and talents which are unique to you as an individual. Kineo Life Coaching and Consulting helps you take action toward a better and more fulfilling life. Image

Kineo Life is Growing Too!

Years of Experience

Since the inception, Kineo Life continues to make strides in peoples lives.

Client Satisfaction

We work to ensure you receive the growth you are after.

Original Curriculums

We want to journey next to you for the amount of time that works for you.


  • Christian life coaching provides clarity on your purpose.
  • Awaken your awareness’s of your unique gifts and talents.
  • Understand the areas that bring you joy and discover your passions.
  • Selflessly serve those around you with your gifts, talents, and passions.
  • Live an abundant life.
  • Find your identity as you transition into a new season of life.
  • Grow in confidence of who god has created you to be.
  • Draw from Christian principles and beliefs, with respect to each person’s own core beliefs.
  • Set and achieve personal and professional goals.
Our Specialties

95% / Life Purpose Coaching

65% / Spiritual Coaching

35% / Relationship Coaching

80% / Vocational/Entrepreneur Coaching

60% / Transitions Coaching

Kineo Life Values

The purpose of Kineo Life is to help you find and grow in your purpose.

Unique Ideas

Each person brings their unique personality and identity to the coaching relationship. No two clients are the same, and therefore the coaching relationship is a dance, meeting each client where they are.


The work we do together is founded upon a trusting relationship. Inviting a coach into your life is a special dynamic that is respected and valued.


Fostering and encouraging you to grow in who God has created you to be while creating a space for you to discover what’s possible.

Kineo Life Approach:

Together with Kineo Life, you will become more self-aware of who you are and what gifts you have to share. You will have the opportunity to dream and achieve your goals and move through life transitions, shining your unique light with confidence and peace.

Kineo Life Coaching & Consulting draws from Christian principles and beliefs. With respect to each person’s own core beliefs in a higher power, Kineo Life works with people from various faith backgrounds and works with each client up to the level of their own comfort with regards to faith.

Example of Questions Clients Ask:

  • Who am I, now? What’s my purpose and identity?
  • How can I communicate more effectively?
  • How can I be more assertive and say what’s on my mind?
  • How can I become more organized?
  • How can I set goals and accomplish them?
  • How can I maintain my identity while going through this life transition
  • How do I embrace this new identity?

Embracing the movement, the transitions and the seasons of life while shining your unique gifts and strengths in order to joyfully serve.

Live a Kineo Life