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Below are some questions you may have about Kineo Life. If you’d like to ask your specific question, feel free to contact Kineo Life via phone or email.

  • What is Kineo Life Coaching?
    Kineo Life Coaching helps people define and achieve life objectives. What does this mean exactly? Kineo Life provides a space and time for people to connect with who they are and what they are truly passionate about in life. Through discussions, people become more clear on what they want to do in life and will create action steps to make these ideas become a reality. Each person has their own story, so no two people’s journey’s are alike. Kineo Life Coaching is specific for each person, allowing the person to guide the journey with the coach walking by your side.

    Together, we journey through your life, experiencing and learning from moments, interactions and opportunities that will grow you into your best self. Kineo Life coaching challenges you to focus time, energy and quiet times into areas of your life that bring you fulfillment, so that you can actually do what you’re being called to do, with the gifts and talents you were given. Working with Kineo Life gives you the clarity, support, confidence, motivation, and accountability you need to walk forward in a purpose-filled life.

  • How do I know if coaching right for me?
    Coaching benefits anyone who is ready to gain more self-awareness, make personal/professional changes, and develop action steps to achieve goals. It is for those who desire more understanding and clarity for your life, and will receive the support to make changes. It is an action-based relationship, where you commit to being open to the guidance of God through conversations and resources.
  • How many sessions do I need?
    Kineo Life recommends at least three months of working together to see results towards change. Many people will continue with coaching as life situations morph and seasons change, bringing more opportunities for growth and new life objectives, creating a long-term relationship. 
  • How does Kineo Life Coaching and Counseling work together?
     All of us have a story and a past. The past makes us who we are today and there is no reason to regret what we have experienced. It’s how we recognize and learn from what our story has been to be able to choose how we want to move forward. Knowing who you’ve been in the past can strengthen who you want to be in the future.

    With Kineo Counseling, the past is discussed with the goal to change the future and move you into a place of Kineo Coaching (goal setting/action steps for your future). Kineo Counseling does not feel like a traditional counseling approach as the past is used as a tool merely to recognize a root-cause and bring closure, in order to move into the present and the future.

    Understanding our past experiences brings to light the areas of our memory where we have closed off, shut away, or pushed to the back, dark corners of our being, not to be felt or seen. Our fears and shame can take our memories and our futures captive. Acknowledging and talking about these experiences and emotions can dilute the power, or lessen the grip, it has on our self-worth, self-esteem and emotions. The light we get to shine into our past is full of love, compassion, understanding and truth. We all have the potential to become free from our hurts, fears and past experiences. It’s for those who are willing to take God’s hand and walk through to process towards a better future.

    The Kineo Counseling approach is purely solution-focused with CBT (Cognitive-Behavioral) with the goal to move you into action, creating steps to a healthier future. There are times when you may talk about your past, to help shift thoughts and behaviors as you walk forward. 

  • How is Kineo Life Counseling different from other forms of therapy?
    Kineo Counseling does not feel like a traditional counseling approach as the past is used as a tool merely to recognize a root-cause and bring closure, in order to move into the present and the future. The goal of Kineo Counseling is to quickly move clients into the present solution where they can flourish.

    Please know, Kineo Life is a “diagnosis free” practice. It may be necessary for a person to receive a medical treatment and supervision and will be referred to another practice for the formal diagnosis. Kineo Life will work with clients who have a formal diagnosis and/or medication management,  providing services as a collaborative partner to your care.

  • Does Kineo Life offer discounts?
    Kineo Life periodically offers scholarships for those in need. Contact Kineo Life for more information.  
  • Can I hire Kineo Life for a short term, special project?
    Absolutely. Some clients hire a life coach to help them achieve a specific objective or project. Many clients choose to continue working with their life coach after their initial goals are accomplished because there are even more interesting things to do!
  • Can I hire Kineo Life to help me with my business?
    Of course! If that is one of your life objectives, we want to be alongside you to help you become more successful at attaining your goals. From inspiring newly budding business ideas, to reviving mature entrepreneur ventures, Kineo Life can help you and your business ideas grow. 
  • What areas do Kineo Life Coaching focus on with an average client?
    We focus where the client wants us to focus: Your goals are our goals. Although, we might have some radical suggestions for just how to reach those goals more quickly. Sometimes, in order to be more successful in business, you need to do some personal work. So don’t be surprised if you get some personal assessments and quizzes!  
  • Shouldn't I be able to accomplish my life objectives without a coach?
    We’ve been taught that “you can do anything if you just put your mind to it, with hard work and persistance” are the keys to finding life, success, money, or happiness. Most people believe they must sacrifice something to attain what they want. Some people sacrifice their health, their time to enjoy life, or their relationships. None of this is necessary. You are able to have a fulfilling life, it may not look the way you think it should or be in your timing. With life coaching, you’re able to hone in on the areas of life that need to most focus, understanding where your joy comes from. You may need to change a few things, true, but clients typically find they have more time with their families and friends, more money, more opportunities, and are more successful at work or in their businesses when they work with a professionally trained coach—whether that is a business coach, a personal coach, an executive coach or a life coach. Athletes, performers, CEO’s and presidents know that they can’t do it alone. They know they need a trained professional or even a team of experts to help them determine the best direction and to provide objective support and feedback. Without this, it is almost impossible to achieve excellence.

    No athlete would consider going to the Olympics without the support of a coach. The extra edge the coach provides makes all the difference. Why shouldn’t you have this same advantage in your own personal and professional life?

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