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Kineo Life Coaching & Consulting walks alongside you in all aspects of life, engaging in the big life questions that arise in your journey! Our services are crafted for each individual and provide a strategic design to accomplish life objectives.

Life Purpose Coaching

Discover who you are, how you interact with others and gain clarity on where you are heading in life.

Life Transition Coaching

Helping answer the question “Who am I, now?” in this new season of life.

Entrepreneur Consulting

Moving your professional dreams into a reality with individual planning and action steps.

Dating & Marriage Coaching

Engaging in healthier communication, understanding and perspective to reconnect and strengthen your connection.

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The Changing of Seasons

Traveling through life is easier with a coach, someone to walk alongside you to encourage and support you. Various season changes in life include:

The College Years

Growing and learning more about yourself and where you want to go in your career and life. Moving away from your family and expanding your wings to see where you fly. 

Life as a Young Professional

Being in the world on your own from set structure and timelines bring mixed emotions. Experiencing the freedom to make your own decisions and unsure of what the future holds or where you want to in life. 

Living the Single Life

Navigating the world and discovering your independence as you get to know yourself while experiencing the changing relationships of those around you. 

The Joys and Shifts in Marriage

Meeting and marrying your life partner is exciting! Learning how to adjust to your new stage of life and identity can be difficult. Coming together as a couple and navigating the world is an adjustment. 

Expanding a Family

Bringing little ones into your family brings about new awareness’s of self, partnership, friendship and family. Maintaining who you are in the midst of change takes intentionality and effort. 

Redecorating Your Life in an Empty-Nest

Your primary role and focus shifts as you watch your babies fly to their futures. Now you get to redecorate your life with what your passions and desires are for your days ahead. 

Life Without Work (Retirement)

You are no longer needing to fill your days with working for a paycheck. Refocusing your time and energy on your passions and desires for your days ahead. Learning how you want to give and spend your time. 

Returning to the Single Life (widow or divorce)

Finding your footing as you adjust to life without your partner and re-engaging in the world by making independent decisions based off personal dreams and desires. 

Benefits of Coaching

  • Christian life coaching provides clarity on your purpose.
  • Awaken your awareness’s of your gifts and talents.
  • Understand the areas that bring you joy and discover your passions.
  • Selflessly serve those around you.
  • Live an abundant life.
  • Find your identity as you transition into a new season.
  • Grow in confidence of who God has created you to be.
  • Set and achieve personal and professional goals.
Coaching Methods

  • Individual Coaching
    Personalized coaching over the phone or face-to-face providing space to learn and grow more about yourself and your goals and dreams. 
  • LifePlan Coaching
    An intensive, two-day LifePlan is a concentrated opportunity to journey throughout your life to see the interconnected themes which flow from one season to the next. These themes display patterns of your gifting and desires pointing towards Gods work within your life.  
  • Group Engagements
    Presentations, workshops and retreats to engage groups in a thought-provoking, interactive experience. 
About Kineo Life

Christian Life Coaching & Consulting is not one-size fits all service. It’s a relationship between you and the coach as well as God. Kineo Life creates the space for God to work in you to bring you to a place of greater self-understanding and awareness.

Like any relationship, the connection needs to be a mutual fit. We encourage you to talk with Kineo Life about your current situation, your thoughts and your hopes to see if it is a relationship to enter into together.

Kineo is Greek and means to move or stir. It comes from Acts 17:28 “For in him we live and move and have our being.”

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Jackie Shives

Hilary is attentive, asks great questions and reveals threads throughout my life story that help me better understand how God has made me.

Jackie Shives / Jackie Shives Formation / Denver, CO

Jerusalem Frierson

Hilary is a very intentional, caring and insightful person. She shows how she truly cares for me, exactly where I am.

Jerusalem Frierson / DaVita / Denver, CO

Leah Hunt

Hilary is a pleasure to talk to and someone I feel comfortable opening up to. She’s clearly gifted in listening and knows how to pick apart my thoughts- whether random or specific struggles. Her spiritual insights challenge my thinking and give me a fresh perspective.

Leah Hunt / Public Relations Manager / Marietta, GA

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