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starry nightKnow Yourself, Find Your Purpose, Live Your Dream
You will learn who you are and how you are uniquely gifted to serve others with your talents. By distinguishing identity from roles and status, you will see how your identity is larger than the conditional circumstances of the day. Bringing your focus to Gods purpose for you and how you have been uniquely created. In knowing yourself, you will gain clarity on how you are created and what your purpose is in this life.


From Dreams to Goals: Start firststepwith One Step
It’s never to late to dream! How do you dream and desire things in your life without pushing out God? You will walk through a five-step process to help you recognize the goals you want to achieve and dreams you want to fulfill, while also engaging with God in how to hear from him and his timing. Understanding what is stopping you from living the life you always wanted can empower you to know your dreams are still possible to reach. You will leave having an action plan to implement and learn the tools to keep you moving forward as you pursue future goals with God by your side.


FallThriving in a Life Transition: New Tools to Discover What You Really Want-and How to Get There Life is constantly changing, allowing you to move through various seasons and experiences. Moving from one season into the next is full of emotions and can cause uncertainty and fear. Using the metaphor of moving houses, you will walk through an 8-step process which can be applied to any transition period while engaging with God through each step of the way. God knows where you are going, it’s just a matter of moving through the unknown with peace, confidence and faith.


Growing Your Character: What Aclothes linettitude Wardrobe Do you Want to Put on Today?
Showing up in life as your best self takes time, effort and refinement. You will have the opportunity to learn about the various attitudes (clothes) you can put on each day and how you can refocus your thoughts to God in the midst of trials and temptations.
Topics include: courage/confidence, patience, contentment, perseverance, humility, surrender, helping, compassion, value.

Each attitude (clothing piece) has a disrupter. You will learn how to recognize your triggers and choose the attitude (clothes) you want to put in your closet. You will also learn ways to choose which attitude (clothes) to ‘wear’ each day.

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